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About Us

Over the years, working as engineers in the telecom market, we've noticed current MNOs software providers lack either the Telecom expertise or the closed loop of iteration between Software Developers and Telco Engineers. This motivated us to create a team to deliver this concept to the market.

  • We are a company of highly skilled software and telecom engineers with more than 12 years in the Telecom market.
  • We aim to re-define VoLTE, 4G and 5G RAN & E2E troubleshooting and problem solving through automation powered by artificial intelligence.
  • We believe COOPERATION is a very powerful model where everyone can be a key part of the puzzle with what they do best.


COOPTELCO's Unified Analyzer.


Processed logs from UE & Scanner

Automatic Analysis of Logs/PCAPs

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Quick visualization of CrowdSource data

AI powered RF insights

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Competitor performance analytics

Insights about operators configuration

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Providing exceptional services in an increasingly competitive market

Software Leveraged Services

Join RAN/E2E expertise with our Product

Improve your Network from your Big Data

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4G/5G RAN Optimisation

Get actions and insights to improve your network

Experienced with multi tech multi vendor

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Training based on Practice

"Hand´s on experience" based training courses

Theory explained through "real" examples

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Our Achivements

Tier One Operator

Major Consultancy companies

12+ years on Telcos and Automation

>10 trainings provided


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